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Spiritual Journey Day 19 Devotions

Fast: One Meal, TV/Streaming and Social Media


“My dove in the cleft of the rocks in the hiding places on the mountain side, show me your face. Let me hear your voice for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely.” Song of Solomon 2:14 NIV

Thought of the day:

In the Song of Solomon, we read that Jesus longs for us to speak to Him, and for Him to see our face. There are times in our lives that we are desperate to hear from God, to see His face. But our desperation for Him pales in comparison to His desperation for us, to hear our voice and see our face. You can hear someone speak to someone else, you can even catch a glimpse of them from across the room. But there’s nothing like someone precious to you, speaking directly to you, and you looking into their face. This is what Jesus desires more than anything, to hear you talk to Him and to be able to see your face. So, come a little closer still.


Jesus, I ask You to impress upon me, Your desire to hear me speak and see my face. What words do You want to hear? If it’s a song, I’ll sing it; if it’s words You want me to speak, I will say them. If it’s just to sit quietly before You and let You look at my face, that’s what I’ll do. I love You, Jesus, amen.

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