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Spiritual Journey Day 11 Devotions

Fast: One Meal and TV/Streaming


“God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble” Psalms 46:1 GNT

Thought of the day:

The definition of the word shelter is something that covers or protects, or a place affording protection from danger. As we go through life, sometimes we find that things come to discourage, agitate, irritate, and even attack us. This is when we should run to the shelter, which is God. He is the eye in the middle of a storm, the place where you can find protection, comforting words, and encouragement to go on. He wants to help you, all you have to do is run to Him. Remember that He’s always ready to help in time of trouble.


Father, sometimes I find myself in a place where circumstances and thoughts try to discourage me. I’m making a decision right now to run to You anytime I feel discouraged, agitated, irritated, or attacked. I run to You because I know that You are always here to help me. Thank you for helping me find peace in the storm. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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